Our Process

At AMS, we pride ourselves on a thorough process for account resolutions. Below is an overview of our operational procedures.

Account Setup

  • Signed Contract
  • Resolution Plan Established
  • Welcome Email from Client Services

Data Entry

  • First Batch of Delinquent Balances Received
  • Log Batch and Import to Secure Document Management System
  • Enter Batch to AMS Database, Typically within 48 Hours
  • Skip Trace Files
  • Mail Initial Letter

Client Portal

  • Online Access is Established
  • Email Client Login ID, Password and Instructions


  • Welcome Email from Accounting
  • Establish Billing Procedures
  • Invoices are Generated the Month Following a Billing Cycle

Resolution Activity and Collection Process

  • Notify Offender/Debtor of Balance
  • Mail Letter
  • Phone Call
  • Initial Communication with Offender/Debtor
  • Verify Identity
  • Confirm Mailing Address
  • Obtain Call Back Number
  • Payment Agreement
  • Request Payment in Full
  • Revert to Guidelines Established by Client’s Resolution Plan
  • Mail or Email Amortization Schedule and Remittance Coupons

Payments Options

  • Mail
  • In Person (When Applicable)
  • Credit Card or ACH by Phone (When Applicable)
  • Credit Card or ACH Online (When Applicable)

Default Payment Agreement

  • Contact Offender/Debtor
  • Request Payment
  • Discuss Consequences for Defaulting and Payment Options
  • Re-establish Payment Agreement
  • Mail or Email Updated Amortization Schedule and Remittance Coupons

Dispute Resolution

  • AMS will Notate Offender/Debtor’s Dispute Claim in Database
  • AMS will Contact Client with Dispute Information
  • Client will Respond to AMS
  • AMS will Update File Accordingly
  • AMS will Notify Offender/Debtor of Client’s Response

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