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Municipal Account Resolution Services

AMS is unique in that we specialize in municipal account resolution services for our clients. Below are the main types of delinquent fines and balances we can resolve on behalf of our clients.

  • Court
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Parking
  • School Bus Safety
  • Utilities

By specializing in municipal account resolution services, we understand and are able to facilitate when balances are resolved by non-cash methods, such as: court appearances, time served, community service, etc. We work to resolve all outstanding balances, but we don’t charge our clients for those that are resolved through non-cash methods.

bilingual services

Bilingual Capabilities

AMS employs bilingual, Spanish-speaking agents. Resolution letters can be generated in English or Spanish.

Client Portal

Client Portal

AMS provides 24-hour access to our Client Portal, which is updated hourly throughout the business day. This allows our clients to generate reports, check the status of any balances submitted to AMS, view payments that have been applied and see payment plan agreements.

AMS is very flexible with communication regarding balance updates, payments, questions, etc. We have various methods available in which we can be reached.

  • Email
  • Fax
  • FTP Transfer
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers

AMS provides clients with business cards that include Call Center information on them to distribute to offenders/debtors in cases where AMS accepts payments on our client’s behalf.

Secure Payment

Payment Methods

AMS offers flexibility when to comes to accepting payments from offenders/defendants.

  • AMS can accept payments on your behalf and report those payments to you daily.
  • AMS can direct the offenders/debtors to pay directly to your office.
  • AMS can take payments on your behalf, as well as, your office accepting payments.

AMS accepts various methods of payment, including checks, credit card, ACH, money orders, etc. Payments can be made to AMS by mail, phone and online. Our online payment portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As municipal account resolution experts, we have learned that the flexibility and availability is absolutely key to our success.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing and Letter Campaigns

AMS utilizes one of the largest and most technologically advanced mailing services in the country. As part of this service, all addresses submitted to AMS are automatically checked against the National Change of Address Registry before letters are mailed. As a result, more letters are successfully delivered on the first attempt.

To ensure letters go to the most current addresses available, AMS uses numerous skip tracing services. Consequently, we achieve a higher resolution rate.

Resolution letters include a toll-free number for assistance. Also included are Quick Response (QR) codes that can be scanned by smart phones and devices to either link directly to our payment website or insert our phone number.


Additional Services

  • Court Recovery Program (MS)
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Warrant Intercept Program (OK)
  • Warrant Roundup

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