• "Our collection rates have tripled over the last year thanks to your collection efforts. Those numbers are reinforcement that I made the right decision to go with AMS."

  • "During the time we have been in contract with your company the service and courtesy that your collectors have provided to us as well as the defendant/offender is unconditional. Your company carries the same values as we do in handling our defendant/offender with honesty and respect."

  • "Thanks to your company our collections have made a noticeable increase in the past two years and are showing promise of more increase in the years to come."

  • "Thank you for your excellent service. Your employees have always provided us with professional and prompt responses to any questions or requests we may have."

  • "Thanks for all your help. You are truly making my adjustment to this job so much easier. I’m glad we’re working well together on trying to keep up with collections accounts."

  • "We are very thankful for your help in collections. It has been very interesting and very successful. We appreciate all the help you and your team have provided and hope to continue our working relationship this 2016 year."

  • "The City is pleased that you are collecting municipal court balances for us. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for the hard work and effort that is performed on our behalf."

  • "AMS has gone OUT of their way to help me get some stats since Monday. Please note that they are great to work with! I told our CFO that AMS always walks on water for us. Thank you!"

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